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Springboard presents … a truely awe inspiring testimonial

In our 10-14 year old youth group we have been listening to the testimonial of a young muslim lady. Its led to some great conversation, and some thought provoking questions. Some of the leaders missed bits and wanted to catch up – so we have made it available here on “Maxelcat speaks”. Enjoy!

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Paul and Judaism – the New Perspective

I have now started the MA course in Kingdom Theology, and this was my first essay which, as predicted dropped by 10% – it seems that a 10% reduction in mark is about normal going from a post grad to an MA! In the church I think we struggle to understand Paul (now there’s an […]

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Return to Butterfly Photography

On Sunday 21 July 2013 I went to my favourite nature reserve in Tring with the aim of having a go at some butterfly photography. Last time I did this was with film, when every time you pressed the button it cost you! Now of course, you can press to your heart’s content and while […]

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The Leadership of Jesus … an introduction

Raising of Lazarus by Giotto

Over the years, both in and out of the church, I have been subjected to a lot of “Leadership studies”. Much of it was interesting, especially the psychological material, but some of it seemed to be rather separate from the real world of trying to engage busy colleagues with a variety of “Opinions” in change […]

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What is a human?

What, according to Genesis 1, is the nature of human identity and purpose in God’s original design for creation?   I want to start my essay with a reference to a novel by C S Lewis. The character Ransom, sent from Earth to the Edenic Venus, finally meets the Adamic character referred to as “the […]

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The greatest cartoon still ever…

Recently I am across this picture of Homer Simpson reading his bible. At first his expression made me laugh but the more I thought about it the more I decided that this was truly an insightful depiction of me reading my bible. First Homer looks worried. Do you ever feel worried when you read some of the bible. I do. Mostly […]

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What did Jesus think would happen after he died?

In Mark 13 one of the disciples, on seeing the temple, seems to have an excited moment and says to Jesus something like “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” Jesus replies by giving a prediction of the destruction of the temple, but then seems to muddy the waters by talking about earthquakes  famines, wars […]

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Penal Substitution

Beccafumi Crucifixion and trinity Trinity (detail) 1513 – is this how you see the crucifixion? I am doing a part time theology post-grad course which, naturally enough, has led to having to write essays. I haven’t always found that this comes naturally to a scientist who now does what I loosely call “Programming”…

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Made for worship…

Just had an interesting  moment! Running “Spotify” on my phone, plugged into the Hi Fi, listening to “What does anything mean, basically” by The Chameleons  – and its been a number of years since I heard it. Nearly every song evokes a strong, significant emotional response in me – you know memories of college, old friends that I haven’t seen in years, […]

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Mission and Genesis – in the beginning…

Mission? Yawn? Well, maybe not yawn as such – more guilt and “Please, not me”. Is mission in Genesis 1? Today I have started the “Missiology” module of my theology studies in anger. One of my favourite bits in the bible has always been Genesis ch 1 – 3.  I find that even after years of “Study” there’s […]

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