How To Speak to Yourself

flowers in a bittles

Recently I was looking for something to read. When we cleared out my parents’ house one of the hardest things to deal with was the books. Did they have some boring looking books –  and my mum had become something of a regular visitor to charity shops towards the end! But as someone who loves […]

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Coincidence – Leave me alone!

Santa Maria Church Majocar

When we go on our family holiday we always have what the girls refer to as ‘boring parent days‘. And I am pleased to say that in Spain we managed to get not one, or two but three ‘boring parent days’. On one of these I had one of those little experiences of God that […]

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Augustine and Gregory of Nyssa

gregory of Nyssa and Augustine of hyppo

This was a stonker of an essay, which was both a joy and a pain to write. Both of these theologians wrote masses of material. Augustine is in some sense known as the Father of the Western Church, and much of what we believe in the West goes back to him. Interestingly, I recently heard […]

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What’s the point for us of Lamentations?

The Book of Lamentations I am sure I had read Lamentations before I opted for this essay – but I couldn’t really remember anything much about it. I knew it was a ‘depressing’ book, perhaps written by “weeping Jeremiah”, and that it was hard work. How WRONG I WAS. The more I studied it, the […]

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Paul and the Roman Empire

Augustus vs Paul

This was a ‘relatively’ easy essay in that the sources were quite straight forward. What really stuck me was just how much I have been a dualist – you know, its either ‘right’ or its ‘wrong’. So, I’d thought Paul must have either totally gone along with the Roman Empire, or totally not! The more […]

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Made for worship…

Just had an interesting  moment! Running “Spotify” on my phone, plugged into the Hi Fi, listening to “What does anything mean, basically” by The Chameleons  – and its been a number of years since I heard it. Nearly every song evokes a strong, significant emotional response in me – you know memories of college, old friends that I haven’t seen in years, […]

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Retreat! Retreat!

On Sunday 2nd of January 2011 I went on a retreat. This meant going to a nature reserve in the Chiltern Hills, where usually I can wander around for a whole day and not see anyone. Recently the question “What is the last thing that God said to you?” has been in the air. I’ve […]

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The Wise man built his house…

A few years back, when my little ones where really little this song was all the rage. How we enjoyed doing the rain coming down and washing away the foolish man’s house on the sand. Around that time I was reading Dallas Willards “The Divine Conspiracy”, perhaps one of my all time favourite books. One […]

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In search of the orriginal…

When I teach I often joke, saying that I have yet to have an original thought.

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