Micah – what’s it about and why was it written?

Micah preaching gy Gustave Doré

Micah lived in a time in which there was great exploitation of the middle and lower classes by the ruling, Jewish elite. He is appalled at what is going on, and his book is written largely in response. It contains many different styles of writing, and includes some very well know passages that have become […]

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Spirit Baptism. Karl Barth vs those joyful Pentecostalists.

Barth on the cover of Time Magazine

This essay was within the field called ‘systematics’ – which is about drawing out doctrines from the whole teaching of scripture. In this essay I chose to look at the differences between Barth and Pentecostalism. I grew up under a synthesis of Evangelicism and Pentecostalism. Barth has been described as the ‘Most influential theologian since […]

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What’s the point for us of Lamentations?

The Book of Lamentations I am sure I had read Lamentations before I opted for this essay – but I couldn’t really remember anything much about it. I knew it was a ‘depressing’ book, perhaps written by “weeping Jeremiah”, and that it was hard work. How WRONG I WAS. The more I studied it, the […]

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Jonathan Edward’s and the Little Awakening

Jonathan Edwards

This was one of the best essays I have had to write yet – I knew next to nothing about Jonathan Edwards – was I in for a treat! Coming from a scientific background I really appreciated Edward’s analytical approach which he applied to the Little Awakening. He left an enormous legacy of theological writing, […]

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The Implied Theology of the Healing Rooms

Healing rooms logo

For about two years I worked in the healing rooms, an international para-church organisation offering prayer for healing. The history of the Healing Rooms, based in Spokane is well worth a read, but for this essay I had to reflect on the shared beliefs of the group I worked with.  Some of these were obvious, such as ‘God […]

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Paul and Judaism – the New Perspective

I have now started the MA course in Kingdom Theology, and this was my first essay which, as predicted dropped by 10% – it seems that a 10% reduction in mark is about normal going from a post grad to an MA! In the church I think we struggle to understand Paul (now there’s an […]

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The Leadership of Jesus … an introduction

Raising of Lazarus by Giotto

Over the years, both in and out of the church, I have been subjected to a lot of “Leadership studies”. Much of it was interesting, especially the psychological material, but some of it seemed to be rather separate from the real world of trying to engage busy colleagues with a variety of “Opinions” in change […]

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What is a human?

What, according to Genesis 1, is the nature of human identity and purpose in God’s original design for creation?   I want to start my essay with a reference to a novel by C S Lewis. The character Ransom, sent from Earth to the Edenic Venus, finally meets the Adamic character referred to as “the […]

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What did Jesus think would happen after he died?

In Mark 13 one of the disciples, on seeing the temple, seems to have an excited moment and says to Jesus something like “Look, Teacher! What massive stones! What magnificent buildings!” Jesus replies by giving a prediction of the destruction of the temple, but then seems to muddy the waters by talking about earthquakes  famines, wars […]

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Penal Substitution

Beccafumi Crucifixion and trinity Trinity (detail) 1513 – is this how you see the crucifixion? I am doing a part time theology post-grad course which, naturally enough, has led to having to write essays. I haven’t always found that this comes naturally to a scientist who now does what I loosely call “Programming”…

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