My real name is Edward  – not Ed, or Eddie or even Ededward as our new pastor has taken to calling me as he tries to get my name right 🙂

No, seriously, who is maxelcat? He’s a character from the very wonderful Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, albeit a very, very small one who pops up for about 2 lines of diaglogue. If that. I have been calling myself that on the internet for donkies. Try googling it – you’ll find some of my forums post (dull eh?) and more worringly a whole pile of “Dungeons and dragons” type stuff – looks like there’s another maxelcat out there!

I have a patient wife and two beautiful daughters who take after said wife. I am a freelance web developer and you can read more about that at my website. I am also doing post graduate theology course … which is just fantastic!