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Languages are Definitely Not For Me.

School was a funny old time. The seven years at secondary were not the happiest years of my life, not by a long shot. My school was very academic, and pushy, which was ok as long as I could keep my head down. I was that child who was into things. Electronics. Astronomy. Woodwork. Punk music. Squash. Girls.

But not languages. Definitely not languages. Foreign languages bought me pain. Oh, and fear.

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Coincidence – Leave me alone!

When we go on our family holiday we always have what the girls refer to as ‘boring parent days‘. And I am pleased to say that in Spain we managed to get not one, or two but three ‘boring parent days’. On one of these I had one of those little experiences of God that leaves me wondering.

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Springboard presents … a truely awe inspiring testimonial

In our 10-14 year old youth group we have been listening to the testimonial of a young muslim lady. Its led to some great conversation, and some thought provoking questions.

Some of the leaders missed bits and wanted to catch up – so we have made it available here on “Maxelcat speaks”.


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The greatest cartoon still ever…

Recently I am across this picture of Homer Simpson reading his bible. At first his expression made me laugh but the more I thought about it the more I decided that this was truly an insightful depiction of me reading my bible.

First Homer looks worried. Do you ever feel worried when you read some of the bible. I do. Mostly because I have this sense that I just don’t understand it. I know its all inspired, and all brilliant but, well you know, we all have bits that just don’t make sense!