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Retreat! Retreat!

On Sunday 2nd of January 2011 I went on a retreat. This meant going to a nature reserve in the Chiltern Hills, where usually I can wander around for a whole day and not see anyone.

Recently the question “What is the last thing that God said to you?” has been in the air. I’ve heard it asked on several occasions. I have convinced that God wants to speak to us. The unique revelation of Jesus Christ was that God is our Father. Logically, what kind of Father doesn’t speak? We wouldn’t think much of a silent one now would we?

And of course there are many scriptures that describe how the “Normal Christian Life” includes hearing God. Maybe I’ll do another post on them!

As I wondered around drinking coffee (always take plenty of coffee on a retreat) I found myself singing “40” by U2, or should I say “King David”? Anyway, that song has alwasy been a favourite of mine, but the psalm its based on, remained mostly unknown once you get past vs 2! I decided to read it afresh.

And there buried in the middle, was a one verse description of me… not a nice description, but a powerfully accurate one. I am not going to go into the details of how it convicted me of sin, or of how else it spoke. My point is this. God speaks. Through my humming a song that I hadn’t heard in ages, and through the gentle “Why not read it…” prompt light was shed onto an area of darkness.

And to think, for years I didn’t believe that God spoke except directly through the scripture! Funny how you change isn’t it?

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