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The Wise man built his house…

A few years back, when my little ones where really little this song was all the rage. How we enjoyed doing the rain coming down and washing away the foolish man’s house on the sand.

Around that time I was reading Dallas Willards “The Divine Conspiracy”, perhaps one of my all time favourite books. One of the things I took out afresh from this book was just how practical the Sermon on the Mount is. Jesus was truly a genius. He fully understood how people interact with each other, and what goes on in their hearts (inner man). So its a good idea to listen to what He says.

If we/I carried out what is written in the sermon on the mount, we’d change the ecosystem around us. You couldn’t help it!

My children where singing and singing that the “Wise man builds his house up on the rock“. And then it hit me – this little parable is right at the end of the sermon on the mount – ie its part of the sermon on the mount. And Jesus also says that the person who hears His word, AND DOES IT, is like a man who builds his house upon the rock.

I’d never noticed that!

You want to be wise, and to be able to stand when the storms of life come? Then DO the Sermon on the mount. Do it. Do it as “Preparation” for when those inevitable storms hit. Jesus doesn’t want admirers  he wants disciples – doers. And He wants us to be “Doers” because its better for us. So let’s join with the apostle !!!!!! when he exhorts us to be doers or the word and not just hearers.

Read that sermon. Do that sermon. Build that house.

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